Broods and Bad Sounds in Toronto at The Phoenix Concert Theatre

Written By | Linda Le

With the release of their third studio album Don’t Feed the Pop Monster, the brother and sister duo Caleb and Georgia Nott, better known as, Broods, are currently on tour promoting their new music. Luckily for Toronto fans the New Zealand based duo made a stop in the city performing at The Phoenix Concert Theatre Friday night.  

The night kicked off with the opening act, Bad Sounds. The five-piece band brought such an energetic and fun filled energy to the stage. Throughout their set they would be seen dancing and playfully shoving each other, it was enjoyable to witness not only their interactions between each other but as well as with the audience. What really fascinated me about Bad Sounds is their unique sound, capable of instantly getting the crowd on their feet. Tracks such as “Wages” and it’s groovy, summer vibe; when you hear the trumpets and the bouncing beat of percussions you can’t help but move. They truly put on a show, not just getting on stage and playing their instruments but also having fun doing what they love 

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As Bad Sounds set came to an end the venue began to quickly fill up with fans eager to witness the main act of the night. Broods first made waves back in 2013 when they released their debut single “Bridges”, which since then has gotten their name out into world and essentially jump started their careerIt has been a journey for the duo, changing labels and with their new label giving them full control over their sound you’ll notice that they lean towards a more pop eccentric sound on their recent album versus their previous projects 

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The duo started off their set with the upbeat track “Sucker”, also the first song on their new album. I was truly captivated by Georgia Nott’s ability to seamlessly present amazing vocals while beautifully moving so fluidly along to the music and Caleb and the rest of the band hitting every beat. With many of the songs they performed being off their new album they also brought it back with tracks like “Sober”. 

For their encore, Broods came back on stage to perform the first single off of Pop Monster “Peach”, expressing the experience of life and all its highs and lows in a fun, upbeat track. It was interesting to see the contrast in the two acts from Bad Sound’s set being more playful and goofy to Broods bringing a mellower and moody vibe but nonetheless still delivering a high energy show for their fans. 

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Photo Credit: Linda Le


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