Cautious Clay in Atlanta at Terminal West

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Written By | Rachel White

From start to finish the sold out Cautious Clay x Julius Rodriguez Karma & Friends show was a celebration of undeniably talented musicians.The intimate Terminal West venue played perfectly into the humble earnestness of both the opener and main act. Julius Rodriguez and his bandmates kicked off the evening with a funky jazz ensemble overflowing with energy and smiles, setting the tone for an evening that would be full of improvisation and freedom for each musician to feature. 

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Rodriguez joined Cautious Clay’s band for the main set, featuring on keyboard, drums and guitar. His numerous musical roles were trumped only by the evening’s frontman, Cautious Clay himself, Joshua Karpeh. A jack of all trades, the southpaw musician swapped between the flute, sax and guitar in those moments where he didn’t have the mic in hand. Perhaps the pinnacle of his creativity being an electrifying back and forth flute beatboxing riff where he and his drummer went head to head creating beats. 

Weaving through a diverse catalog, the band melded jump-around hits like ‘Joshua Tree’ seamlessly with heartfelt slower ballads including the crowd favorite ‘Wildfire.’ The audience was gleefully along for the ride, beaming up at Cautious Clay as he danced around and dazzled us all with his charisma. 

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Karpeh even took a moment in between songs to appreciate the respectful audience who were silently entranced with him and his band, waiting with bated breath for the next song to begin.

True to form, when the band finally did leave the stage, the audience cried out “one more song” and the band was kind enough to oblige. Coming back on stage to a roaring applause to play an acoustic ballad followed by arguably the band’s most popular song, ‘Cold War.’ The crowd was sent out with one last high energy dance number “Reasons” and they poured out into the rainy Atlanta streets with cheeks that hurt from smiling all evening. 

Photos By | Rachel White