Chris Brown “Tempo” Video Finds Him Riding a Floating Garbage Truck

Written By | Alex Zidel

Breezy shows off his classic dance moves in a futuristic video for “Tempo.”

Chris Brown and his Halloween-esque crew are in your neighborhood and they’re dancing all over your house in the fresh video for “Tempo.” Chris is chilling with dancers dressed as baseball players, Frankenstein, and soldiers as he pulls off sneaky home invasions and breakdances for unsuspecting home-owners in the clip, which looks to be set far into the future. The crew pulls up in a dope, garbage-truck looking, floating vehicle and proceeds to break into homes in the suburbs, dance a bit just to “switch up the tempo” from a regular burglary and then take your jewelry.

The clip offers a fresh take on a music video landscape that has become somewhat saturated and conventional, as Breezy pulls out all the stops to create something his audience has not seen before.

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