Citizen Cope with David Ramirez at the Buckhead Theatre

Written By | Matt Delaney

Photo By | Matt Delaney

On March 10, 2019 the Buckhead Theatre hosted Citizen Cope with David Ramirez. The Buckhead Theatre is by far one of my favorite places to see a concert. The staff is very friendly and the elevated floor space makes for a great view of the show. The Theatre also includes a balcony with bar access. The acoustics and lighting make for a pleasant experience with wide open spaces so it doesn’t feel overcrowded. I highly recommend seeing a show there.

Photo By | Matt Delaney

The opening performance was David Ramirez. David is a prolific singer and songwriter from Houston, Texas. He first started his career in the 90s with a group of friends playing primarily at parties. His inspirations include Ryan Adams and influential singer/songwriters from the 60s and 70s. David released his first album in 2003 named, 11503 Landsbury. After his 2007 album release he chose to break up the band and move to Nashville to focus on writing music that focused on solo acoustic recordings. Davids performance at the Buckhead Theatre was the first time I had heard of him and I now have him saved on my Spotify playlist. His lyrics and acoustic style are a nice mix of Folk and Americana. The crowd really enjoyed his performance. If you ever get a chance to see him, I would highly recommend it.

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Photo By | Matt Delaney

Next up was Citizen Cope aka Clarence Greenweed and the band that took the stage. Citizen Cope has a very devout group of followers even though the mainstream media doesn’t embrace their music. Citizen Cope has released six studio LPs and has sold over 1M records in the US alone. It has been said that his music is a soundtrack to several peoples lives for those who embrace it. The tour and album named “Heroin and Helicopters” was inspired by an encounter with rock legend Santana, where he told Clarence, “Stay away from the two Hs, heroin and helicopters” these are the things that destroy the lives of musicians.

Photo By | Matt Delaney

Citizen Copes music encourages people to be aware of the daily struggles of social media expectations, conflict, hand held devices, and laziness. Right before Citizen Cope took the stage the entire room filled wall to wall with cheering fans. The atmosphere and vibes of the venue felt good. Everyone was in a great mood and couldn’t wait to see the show. Citizen Cope started the show with my personal favorite song “Let the Drummer Kick” the crowd erupted and the stage lighting was amazing with really awesome smoke effects. His setlist included over 18 songs and several features from his latest released album “Heroine and Helicopters”.

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