Epik High and Yoshi Flower in Atlanta at Center Stage

Written By | Bryan Dominguez

On a cool, breezy Monday night in Atlanta, South Korean hip-hop group Epik High performed in front of a sold out crowd at Center Stage. This was the group’s ninth stop on their North American Tour, which has attracted fans from all over the world.

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Before Mithra Jin, Tablo and DJ Tukutz would take the stage ,Yoshi Flower, Los Angeles native and former member of Detroit’s own Gosh Pith, stormed the stage and immediately brought the crowd to life with an electric and dazzling performance. To end his captivating act the young artist jumped off one of the stage speakers, hitting the classic rock star pose. The crowd roared in approval as Yoshi walked off the stage. There’s no doubt he gained some new fans after his performance.

Following Yoshi’s exit, you could barely hear the person standing next to you. Yoshi did exactly what opening acts are supposed to do; rile up the crowd. After a few minutes though,the audience began to get a little antsy. They were fired up. They wanted more. Sure enough, just as it seemed like the intermission had become too long, the lights dimmed. Many in the crowd began to scream in anticipation. The excitement could be felt across the venue.

The main act had come. The first member of the trio, DJ Tukutz, emerged out of the darkness to a collection of increasingly louder and louder cheers from the audience. Center Stage was on the brink of an eruption. Tukutz let the instrumental roll with the track “In Seoul” from the group’s newest album “Sleepless In”. When the instrumental reached its lyrical cue, the other two members of the group, Mithra Jin and Tablo swaggered out onto the stage much to the delight of their raucous fans.

Center Stage had turned into an absolute madhouse. The trio kept the crowd elevated for their entire performance. It was clear that the group truly has a deep connection with their fans as they took time between songs to personally thank everyone for coming out and showing support.

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After finishing their final song, Epik High exited the stage to countless pleas of “Encore, Encore, Encore,” from nearly everyone in the venue. For many, they could not believe that the performance was over. Then, in dramatic fashion, the trio ran back on stage and performed two of their greatest hits; “Don’t Hate Me” and “Born Hater”. For a third time that night, Center Stage lost its mind. The surprise re-entry of the trio truly was a perfect ending to a great performance.

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Photo Credit: Bryan Dominguez

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