When the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration was in full cultural hysteria, one eager admirer decided to emblazon a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with the now iconic collection’s signature print. Rashad Belhasa, the son of a billionaire construction tycoon, commissioned the one of a kind customized whip, having just recently sold the car to a prospective buyer before it was eventually placed on Deals on Wheels.The car is listed for $699,000 Emiratti dollars, which roughly translates to $199,000 USD, a pretty penny for an ultra rare Berlinetta. Belhasa, who goes by the name “Money Kicks” on YouTube, posted a video which reveals his sentiments towards having sold this customized automobile, noting how he’s mad that he is giving this prized possession to someone else. However, he does not offer an explanation as to why he would have given up this one of a kind piece in the first place.

Rapper Fat Joe, who also makes a random appearance in the video, offers some sort of explanation by stating how “we can’t be married to certain items. We just gotta step it up and get bigger and better, what’s coming is a million times better.” The two then begin to admire the other luxury cars on display at the dealership.

Ferrari LV 1