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GoldLink, one of the most innovative artists in hip-hop, releases his third studio album, HARAM!, via Squaaash Club/RCA Records.  Click here to listen.  

Containing 15 tracks with features by Flo Milli, NLE Choppa, Santigold, Bibi Bourelly, Rich The Kid, emerging international act Fire! and more, HARAM! represents the destruction and rebuilding of a new GoldLink, yet stays true to his lyrical prowess. Joe Perez (Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T) helmed the creative direction for the album. 

Continuing to redefine what a “rap star” is meant to be, HARAM! is GoldLink’s most personal, genius, adventurous and riskiest piece of work to date.  Filled with unfiltered braggadocios raps, challenging flows – yet feels more specific, like a biopic – the album is one that poses questions rather than give answers. The metaphoric use of the harsh, gritty telephone effect against his iconic cadence, signifies that GoldLink is purposefully imperfect, doesn’t want to be perfect.  With HARAM!, GoldLink’s quest is to challenge the idea of rap titles in art in his pursuit to becoming a musical deity. 

Yesterday, GoldLink performed during Luminosity Gaming’s “Luminosity Live” event, presented by F9. Watch him on Twitch on the Luminosity Twitch Channel

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HARAM! Tracklist:

01 Extra Clip feat. NLE Choppa 

02 202  

03 White Walls 

04 Spit On It feat. Rizloski  

05 Terrordome  

06 Evian feat. PinkPantheresss, Rizloski & Rax 

07 Raindrops feat. Flo Milli  

08 Twin feat. Rich The Kid  

09 Girl Pacino

10 Thump Chronicles Vol. 1 feat. Pressa & Digga 

11 Culture Clash feat. Fire! 

12 Wayne Perry feat. LukeyWorld  

13 Wild and Lethal Trash! feat. Fire! & Santigold 

14 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk feat. Jesse Boykins III 

15 Cindy’s Daughter feat. Bibi Bourelly


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