Inglewood’s Rucci’s pays tribute to his dad & his city on debut album


Rucci has been through enough: in a short span his father (a well-known, respected Piru) was deported, the same year his MackkRucci partner Sean Mack was fatally shot, and his uncle (another role model who shares his nickname) was sentenced to 35 years. The 25 yo rapper is using his wisdom and charisma to change the narrative on his life and his city.

Tako’s Son is Rucci’s biggest and most personal endeavor so far. Rucci spits rapid-fire on “La Bamba,” is glass-half-full on “Keep Going,” (a song he wrote just two days after Sean Mack passed), his voice inflects raspy on the determined, “I Just Wanna Ball,” and he finds a way to shoutout his hometown of North Inglewood, aka Norf, on nearly all of the album’s 14 tracks. It features fellow LA mainstays like Shoreline Mafia, RJMrLA, AzChike, 1TakeJay, Kalan.frfr, and more.

Tako’s Son:

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