Jakubi put the fun in funky at Howler in Melbourne, Australia

Written By | Hannah Robinson

On Friday the 14th of December Jakubi played Howler bar with a sparkle in their eye and a spring in their step. Jordan Dennis and his DJ Slick P opened the night, warming up the crowd that was slowly spilling in.

Jordan Dennis
Photo By | Hannah Robinson

As Jordan Dennis and DJ Slick P began their set there was barely anyone in the room, but song after song with his smooth flows over catchy beats, Jordan seemed to pull concert-goers in to fill up the room a bit more. Those who had come early enough to catch the set were treated to some sweet hip hop that everyone couldn’t help but enjoy and dance along to.

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The half an hour between Jordan Dennis and Jakubi was just the time needed for the small venue to be filled. The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing with excitement, everyone seemed to talk louder and louder over each other’s conversations. Cheers were heard as instruments were tuned and drummer Jesse Rehaut warmed up before disappearing backstage once again.

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

The crowd seemed otherwise distracted but as I kept an eye out I watched the five-piece Melbourne band huddle to the side of stage, arms around each other and heads down. I couldn’t help but wonder what the last words spoken amongst them were before they head onstage. Whatever they did or said to hype themselves up, it certainly worked. Lead vocalist Jerome Farah, his bassist brother Jacob Farah, the multi-instrumentalist cousins Robert Amoruso and Jesse Rehaut, and their friend Adam Kane took the stage like they were born for it.

To say this band are amazing performers is a huge understatement. They began their musical careers jamming together in Adam and Jesse’s apartment above a cafe and the fun, laid back nature of their early days is certainly still present. It was easy to see how much each member was enjoying what they were doing, with huge grins on every face as they jumped around and playfully bumped into each other every now and then. Fans in the audience absolutely ate it up, singing along to every song they knew and having the time of their lives.

After dancing through hit after hit, including ‘Worry Bout A Thing’ and ‘Couch Potato’, it seemed as though no one wanted the party to stop as shouts of “one more song” echoed around the room after the band exited the stage, pulling them back to finish off the night with one giant dance party. This show meant as much to the band as it did to the adoring fans, Jerome making sure to thank everyone for coming and lettings us know that we “have no idea how much this means” to them.

Jakubi are clearly taking over not only the Australian, but the worldwide music scene. Jacob Farah has previously reassured in an interview that “this is only the beginning,” and with the excitement and energy these five men bring to the music industry, I certainly believe it. I look forward to seeing what they do next and where it takes them.

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