Jay Som at Detroit’s El Club with Boy Scouts

Written By | Nefertiti Luakabuanga

Soft melodious croons and smooth resonant strings envelop the crowd in a tender and intimate ambience as indie group Boy Scouts set the mood as the opener for Jay Som’s “Anak Ko” 2019 World tour. With the lead Taylor Vick’s impressionable high pitched voice and backing deep bass and keys, the atmosphere mellowed out as groups crowded closer towards the stage in Southwest Detroit’s very own El Club, swaying to the beat or simply bobbing their heads.

Hailing from Oakland, California, their music can be described as emotional, mellow lo-fi music with strong powerful drums and vibrating guitar thrums. Playing songs from the new album Free Company, such as “Expiration date,” Boy Scouts left an impressionable mood with the crowd as shortly after the final set, many lined up at their table to purchase tour merch, or simply get more information.

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Also reigning from California, singer-songwriter Melina Duterte performing under the band moniker Jay Som, entered the stage to much aplomb as tonights long anticipated performer. Fresh from the release of her third studio album Anak Ko, which translates to “my child” from the Filipino language, Jay Som set off the night with the track “If You Want It.” The room is filled with clear twangy sounds, followed by a constant beat and almost dreamy pitch. With hypnotizing beats and guitar riffs, Jay Som puts the venue under a trance of dreams and hope. The uplifting and higher notes giving a sense of adventure, the crowd cheering on through the last notes, even one fan wearing the Philippines flag, a nod to the singers heritage. Looking around, not a single person was still, made especially with the deep bass reverberating through your whole body, it was a night effortlessly enjoyed.

In between sets, the band interacted with the crowd, introducing each member as well as throwing lighthearted jokes much to the crowd’s delight. Jay Som band ended the night with the fan favourite “The bus song” from the album Everybody Works, encouraging the crowd to sing along before thanking their fans and ending the night with a mini drum solo.

Photo Credit: Nefertiti Luakabuanga

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