Key Glock and Young Dolph “No Rules Tour” in Atlanta at Tabernacle

Written By | Amanda Jogie


A night to remember, on this cold Atlanta night the Tabernacle held a concert hosted by Live Nation featuring Key Glock and Young Dolph. The duo decided to tour together after they finished the Dum and Dummer album back in 2019. Then from that album the “No Rules Tour” was born.

Arriving at the venue was difficult seeing that the line to get in was wrapped around the Tabernacle and down Luckie street. Fans were oozing with excitement for the doors to opened. 8pm on the dot the doors opened and fans rushed the doors waiving their tickets, seeing that it is a general admission show tensions were high.

Walking in the venue Dj Hollywood had some of the hottest tracks this season blaring. This had the crowd going crazy, dance circles were opening up and everyone seemed to be on the same page with how hype the night was going to be. After about an hour two openers, Xaroc and Grove hero hit the stage to warm up fans in the building and they did a crazy job.


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Then the moment came, lights dimmed and the venue erupted with yells of excitement. The curtain covering the stage set dropped revealing a High School classroom and Key Glock walks out on stage beginning the show with his hit song ‘Russian Cream” which at that point you could barely hear him because the crowd was reciting the versus word for word.

The set continues and he is interacting with the crowd and getting them hype while preforming hits like; “Dough” and “Look at they face”.

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Then Young Dolph enters the stage with “Paid”, this caused an uproar on the ground level. Continuing his set he kept the energy in the building high. And if the night couldn’t get better, Rick Ross and 2 chainz decide to join in the fun. Overall the show was a hit, including lots of special effects like confetti guns and throwing inflatables into the crowd. This was definitely a Sold out show to remember.

Photos By | Amanda Jogie