Mets Invite 50 Cent to ‘Redeem’ Himself With Ceremonial First Pitch

After rapper’s awful ceremonial pitch four years ago, the New York team gives him another chance

Remember 50 Cent’s awful ceremonial first pitch four years ago? The New York Mets are giving him a chance to redeem himself.


“Hey @50cent, we heard you’re ready to redeem yourself?!” the Mets tweeted on Thursday. “Here is your invite to throw out a first pitch this season. Toss a strike this time!#50FirstPitch”

In an interview with Newsday this week, 50 Cent talked about his infamous first pitch and how it has haunted him ever since. Had someone warned him about what was on the line, 50 Cent said, he would have just stayed in the stands. He does, however, believe people will “let [him] go a little bit” if he redeems himself by throwing “a really good pitch” sometime in the future. One of his publicists said he’s had invites to do so from various teams, but he’s been waiting for a “special occasion.”

“I had no idea that throwing a bad pitch would be so big,” 50 Cent explained. “It was coming across CNN! ESPN, CNN, I was like, whoa, not the way I want things out here at the moment when I’m getting ready to run this music and I’m on CNN and it looks like my arm’s broken. I’m like, ‘What the [expletive] happened to me?'”

The pitch is widely recognized as one of the worst all time. It finished fifth in the NY Daily News’ list in 2015 and second in For The Win’s list in 2017. To 50 Cent’s amazement, Topps even commemorated the moment with a special baseball card in 2015.


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