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Neurosis in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Jon Freed

Over the past three decades, Neurosis has proven time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of metal. For many people, myself included, Neurosis served as an introduction to the metal—one of those “must know” bands for anyone familiarizing themselves with the genre. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to shoot this show.

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First on the bill was Deafkids, a unique three-piece outfit from Brazil. Touring off of their latest release put out by Neurot Recordings, Metaprogramacaothe trio brought an immensely loud and heavy introduction to the show. Their unique brand of a droning, heavy, and raw metallic punk hybrid certainly set the pace for the rest of the show.

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Next was Bell Witch, one of my personal favorites. Hailing from Seattle, Bell Witch are a two-piece doom metal outfit comprised of a bassist and a drummer. Their latest recording, Mirror Reaper, contains one 84-minute song of the same name. Since their inception in 2010, Bell Witch has put out three records with Profound Lore Records. Mirror Reaper is a more droning, melancholic, almost ambient and orchestral piece than their previous work—almost like the doom metal equivalent of a rock opera. They absolutely dominated the stage, appropriately deafening and stunning the crowd before Neurosis took the spotlight.

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Finally up was Neurosis. For me, their entrance and the entire process of photographing their set was like something out of a 90’s movie. I distinctly remembered my “cooler older neighbor” showing them to me the better part of 14 years ago and instantly falling in love, and there I was years later seeing them for the first time, camera in hand. To say that they met my every expectation would be a complete understatement. Kicking off their set with a crowd favorite, “A Sun That Never Sets,” Neurosis’s entire set was a perfectly concocted combination of tracks spanning their almost 35-year tenure. Appropriately closing with another favorite, “Stones from the Sky,” Neurosis provided nothing short of an incredible performance, leaving no one unhappy with their decision to come out to The Masquerade that night.

Photos By | Jon Freed 

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