Written By | Chantal Burau

New Model Army stopped, on the first of their three Berlin dates, at the Tempodrom Berlin for their belated 40th band anniversary show with the support of the Sinfonia Orchestra Leipzig. 

Like they said, since their music is influenced by orchestral elements anyway, so it’s a great opportunity to to explore even more musical possibilities and for a concert experience like this. 

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The show began with the entrance of the orchestra and “Devil’s Bargain“ as an overture, that led to the entrance of New Modern Army and their first song of the evening: “Devil“. Their set started off calmly, yet powerful. The dramatic and impressive accompanying orchestra performance let the rockier songs, especially the strong and husky vocals of singer Justin Sullivan, appear in an interesting new shine. On their two sets of the evening, parted by a break of about 20-30 minutes, the band performed songs of their latest album From Here (2019) as well as Between Dog and Wolf (2013) and Impurity (1990) and fan-favorite songs like “Vagabonds“ or “Green and Grey“.

The energy was limited at first, which was also caused by the completely seated audience, but enhanced in the course of the evening as the crowd was also animated by singer Justin Sullivan to get up and closer to the front. A highlight of the show was the mighty violin solo by the orchestras violinist Shir-Ran Yinon. After the break the ways in the auditorium partly cleared up again and most of the fans were sitting down again, while a handful of people were still rocking  and dancing along to the songs. On the second set, the songs also got a little heavier, with the band and their instruments being more present than on the first set. They finished their anniversary show with “Vagabonds“, followed by a vigorous encore with “Green and Grey“ and “Wonderful Way to Go“, giving their fans, younger and older, a rememberable evening and a new interpretation of their songs. 

Photos By | Chantal Burau