Phil Crown: An Unpredictable Cocktail Of Genres & Cheeky Lyricism

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Phil Crown is a rising artist who is making a name for himself with his unique blend of R&B, Pop, and electronic influences. Born and raised in Seattle, and now based in Los Angeles, Phil Crown grew up dreaming of becoming an artist. Now, years later, he is going beyond his wildest dreams and is taking the music industry by storm with a series of impressive releases and live shows. 

First gaining notoriety after the release of his single “PICK UP THE PHONE”, Phil Crown drew attention for his unique sound that blended R&B, electronic, hip-hop, and pop influences together. Sustaining this success with his follow up singles “SOMEBODY” and “Dirty Laundry”, Phil Crown shot towards the top of the music industry. In 2022, Phil Crown’s success landed him a series of performances as part of BREAKING SOUND in LA, giving him the opportunity to perform at the Townhouse in Venice and LA’s iconic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 

Continuing his hot streak, Phil Crown recently released “BROKEN WINGS”, which many are hailing as his best release to date. Not only is “BROKEN WINGS” an upbeat and infectious track, but it also represents a huge turning point for Phil Crown that fans seem to be enjoying. Bringing electro-synths into his R&B and pop style, Phil Crown embraces more of an electro-pop style that is the perfect sound for the last nights of summer. 

Even after a meteoric rise in 2022, Phil Crown has no plans on slowing down. Hoping to make more tracks with the same bold new style as “BROKEN WINGS”, Phil Crown is more excited now than he has been at any other point in his career. With so much more to look forward to, including addition BREAKING SOUND performances and a set at the upcoming LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL festival in Las Vegas, Phil Crown is truly the hottest name in the entire electro-pop genre!

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