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Pup in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse with Potty Mouth and Illuminati Hotties

Written By | Jilian McLendon

Little Five Points welcomed the Canadian punk band PUP with open arms on Saturday evening for an epic night of angst, moshing, and of course unrelenting stage diving. To say that their newest album release Morbid Stuff (2019) was simply anticipated by this scene is a clear understatement. In fact, fans have been waiting three long years for this tour and album and they came from all over the state to partake in the festivities.

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The night opened Potty Mouth, a band who really puts a unique spin on the punk genre. The all female band released their newest album SNAFU (2019) in March and came prepared to wow us with a solid set of material and got into our grungy, pop punk feels. We even got treated to a cover of “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring! Don’t be surprised if you see more of Potty Mouth in the future because they are coming at us with a purpose not to be ignored.

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The second act of the night, Illuminati Hotties, ventured gracefully to the stage and it was one set that I have been looking forward to for a hot minute. Though front woman Sarah Tudzin (vocals, guitar) is the only permanent member of the band, she has great cohesiveness with her mates and they put on one hell of a show. Tudzin has coined the genre of Illuminati Hotties as “tenderpunk” and that couldn’t be a better description for the magic she creates.

Coming hot off a stint with American Football, Tudzin is definitely getting some buzz with her debut album Kiss Yr Frenemies (2018) which is a mix of indie coolness with a hint of comical lyricism all while she smiles her way through songs. I’m pretty sure that this album is one that may slide under most people’s radars but check it out. Or at least Spotify “Pressed 2 Death” or her effortlessly smooth cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. You wont regret it.

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And then there was PUP! This band tends to bring out the 80’s punk experience back to the present day- in all the best ways. “Hardcore” would be a great way to describe the atmosphere with them. PUP has had their fair share of success over the years and it’s no surprise that their hard work has paid off in a seriously huge cult following and numerous sold out shows. Stefan Babcock (lead vocals, guitar) definitely wants his fans to have to thrive and express themselves at their shows, but he and Steve Sladkowsk (guitar, vocals) knows when stage diving and moshing reaches an unacceptable level and they will stop the show and call you out on it!

We got to enjoy some deep tracks like “Dark Days” and “Mabu” (PUP, 2013) in between a plethora of songs from their newest album including “Morbid Stuff” and “See You At Your Funeral” (Morbid Stuff, 2019). One thing about PUP is for sure- they are dedicated to the ultimate show experience that unmasks the raw, gritty, angry, depressed, expressiveness that is real life. And PUP will continue to create and share that journey for all those fans wanting to experience it with them.

Photo Credit: Jilian McLendon

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