Ralo (Terrell Davis), is a creative and compelling rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who discovered a natural for talent for music at a very young age. Growing up in a single parent household with a younger sibling, Ralo began rapping at eleven years old to help bring in income and by thirteen was making decent money selling his creative work. Ralo is an artist who understand the hustle of the industry and has been doing it from the very beginning. With the release of ‘Conspiracy’ on October 12th, 2018, Ralo shows us the defiant and reflective side of himself.
Pairing hard-hitting bars about the discrimination he’s experienced through the criminal justice system with deeply personal rhymes about the pressures of taking care of his family, Ralo delivers a personal, raw and authentic album. The ‘Conspiracy’ album features verses from Shy Glizzy and YFN Lucci as well as production from Twysted Genius, Murrille, The Avengers and more. 

Speaking on why he dropped ‘Conspiracy’ now, Ralo says, This project speaks a lot about my current situation… I want people to hear my side of the story. It’s a very authentic project, and it speaks for a lot of people that are currently in and have been in my situation.” Here at Imprint, we gave this 40 minute album a listen and here’s what we think of these 12 new tracks!


  1. Rich Black Man (The Last ReUp) is a 3:41 minute song that explains the harassment that Ralo has had to deal with from the police in regards to his current legal troubles. “Disrespect him on the cam and make chaos record it, put it on my Instagram and make the streets support it.”
  2. The World Against Me is a 3:01 minute song where Ralo reflects on how hard life can be and how it feels to hold the weight of the world. A very raw song with memorable lyrics “Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like the world against me. How you feel lonely and you get that much attention?”
  3. Momma Praying (Praying For Me) is a 3:46 minute song that gives listeners a look into Ralo’s childhood and the guilty feelings that come with the realization of how much trouble we caused our parents growing up. “I’m praying for momma, momma praying for me. We playin’ for keeps, holdin’ court in the streets. My daddy deceased and before that, we ain’t speak. Been bad at this speak, but you still happy for me, yeah” 
  4. Come Home (ft. Becky Badass) is a 3:34 minute song featuring smooth vocal work from Becky Badass is another look into the struggles Ralo faced while being so far away from home and the things he has spent time reflecting on. “Cause you’ve been out in the streets all day, daddy, come home. I miss you, I don’t wanna be alone. Why should I have to wait for you to come home?”
  5. Remember Me is a 3:06 minute song that gives listeners a look into the thoughts of Ralo as he deals with a stressful situation. It’s about owning up to past mistakes and paving a way for a better, more positive future. “I’m tryna go harder, I’m tryna leave cash to my daughter. I know that I’m smarter, I know that I’m makin’ it farther. I know that I got it, I know that I got what it take.” 
  6. I’m Just Trying To Live is a 3:09 minute song about changing the cycle and deciding to break away from bad habits and letting the negativity roll over because there are bigger problems to deal with in this world. “I ain’t got no beef with nobody, I don’t beef with Yo Gotti. I don’t fuck with them rappers, I told them people I’m sorry. I ain’t got nothin’ against ’em, or nobody that’s with ’em. I ain’t in war with n–, I’m at war with the system, yeah.”
  7. Bosses Make Sure (ft. YFN Lucci) is a 2:31 that’s about the daily grind and rising up to the challenges the life throws at us. “Everybody wanna be the boss, everybody don’t listen. As a child I was taught you gotta pay attention” 
  8. Run It Up is a 3:55 song about overcoming the stresses that Ralo is facing with his current legal stations. It’s like that’s saying, “fall down seven times, get up eight,” with lyrics like, “I took a loss, it still look like I’m winnin’, don’t it? Never look down on a boss, you know we turn up at any moment. Fell off, got right, fell again, got back right. Fell again and I fell again, I ain’t think that I would ever win.”
  9. Same Me (ft. Shy Glizzy) is a 3:23 song about remaining authentic to who you are, regardless of what you go through or who you become. You can become rich and famous, but still remain humble and loyal to those who matter the most. “I got everything that I wanted (I do), nut still remain the same with my homies.”
  10.  Never Too Late (ft. Young Scooter) is a 2:50 song with some powerful lyrical content about getting swallowed up by the streets and having to pay the final price in a ridiculous and backward justice system. “Fuck the law, freebandz the only thing I follow. Everybody tell the judge to free Ralo”
  11. Circles is a 3:13 is a song where Ralo describes how hard it can be to stay on the straight and narrow when the game is what you’ve known for so long. Another song about breaking previous cycles and paving a new way for the future. “They know I run them circles. You better keep them squares out your circles ’cause they’ll hurt you. It’s hard to trust a person ’cause personally, I ain’t perfect, I don’t regret shit that I did, that shit was worth it. I made my mama happy, bruh, she happy that she birthed me.”
  12. Make A Way (ft. Dumafamgoon, Louieyski, , Daddy O & Jean D’Eau) is a 4:14 song that wraps up this album well and has a great range of features. The song describes the troubles of the American legal system and how twisted certain areas of justice can be. “And we just need an escape. Under so much pressure, they expected us to break. Had to learn patience ’cause I was tired of waitin’, couldn’t nobody save us, had to learn to wear a cape.”

Overall this album was full of raw emotion and hard-hitting lyrical content that is sure to impress Ralo fans. It gives listeners something fresh, a change from the typical glam of the industry stereotypes and instead gives everyone  authenticity. A fantastic album from Ralo that should be checked out for sure.

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