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Sierra Hull in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse

Written By | Tavohn Glover

Photo By | Tavohn Glover

On this gloomy, rainy, Sunday evening. People start to line up at variety playhouse in little five points, to see the amazing bluegrass singer Sierra Hull. Doors begin to open as an already filled line was eager to get inside and get the best seats. as I walked inside the venue seats were starting to fill up fast as the opening act was approaching.

Photo By | Tavohn Glover

Sierra Hull came out and everybody gave an big applause, she talked a little to the crowd and began to introduce the opening act named 10 string symphony which was a duo that consisted of Christian Sedelmyer and Rachel Baiman. The duo both playing a fiddle, started off with some bluegrass and folk tunes that pleased the audience, the more songs

they played the more competitive it seemed they would get with each other, in a fun way of course making sure theyʼre delivering the best performance they can.

Photo By | Tavohn Glover

The duo played 8-9 tunes before ending the set with a bow and a round of applause from the audience, people began to get up to use the restroom and refill their beverages before Sierra Hull came out onto stage. Sierra lead the stage with a band of people including Christian and talked a little bit about herself just In case you were a newcomer or just needed a refresher. She illuminated the room with her sonically driven voice,

impressing much of the crowd people started to give her applause midway through some of her songs.

Overall, from the 10 string symphony setting the tone for an excellently crafted performance by Sierra Hull, this was one bluegrass show you didn’t want to miss.

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