Skizzy Mars in Atlanta at Terminal West

Written By | Ferriez Johnson

On Tuesday night at Terminal West, Zaia, Yoshi Flower and Skizzy Mars put on a show for the “A”. Skizzy is currently on his Free Skizzy Mars Tour after releasing his 3rd studio album “Free Skizzy Mars.”

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The show started off with Zaia who is from the Atlanta area. During his performance, he stated that this was his first time being on tour and loved it. Seeing his performance and hearing his music will shock you since it seems as if he’s been on tours prior. The selection of artists for this show was great, they connected with the crowd on more than just the music level, but the love and respect that they have for the city of Atlanta. 

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Regarding connection to the crowd, Yoshi provided the crowd with a solo freestyle of some of the famous songs made by various artist. His performance wasn’t purely just a show, but more of a connection and understanding of what the crowd wanted. He spoke to the crowd as well as interacted with them even after the show. During intermission, he hopped down to the space between the stage and crowd, shook hands, and answered questions which isn’t too common. One of the well thought out features about his show is that the lighting was setting to green the entire show to compliment his name.

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Lastly, Skizzy showed up on stage as the last performer and the crowd loved every minute of his performance. Skizzy played some of his older music as well as new songs from his most recent album Free Skizzy. There was not a single song that the crowd did not sing and dance along to.

Although there are no more listed tour dates for the Free Skizzy Mars tour, please be on the lookout for shows in your area or even request a show in your area via his website. This is a show that every Skizzy fan should see.

Photo Credit | Ferriez Johnson

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