Somewhere Beyond The Blue Featuring The Amity Affliction, Archetypes Collide and The Seafloor Cinema in Denver, CO at Summit Music Hall

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Written By | Jessica Kelly

Sunday March 27, The Amity Affliction brought the Somewhere Beyond The Blue Tour to Denver, Colorado’s Summit Music Hall. Along with them, they brought out Arizona locals Archetypes Collide and The Seafloor Cinema for a great night for metal music.

Up first was The Seafloor Cinema and brought their tech-y math rock with sit-shined, adenoidal pop punk style with bright strobes. Fans in the crowd packed in and were singing along to some of their songs and enjoying the music. They played songs off their sophomore album In Cinemascope with Stereophonic Sound and even threw in a cover from Coheed and Cambria.

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The lights were dark and blue as the Arizona locals emerged from behind the stage. The crowd was yelling in excitement and started off the set with “Your Misery” to get the energy up. The alluring vocals, roaring guitars, and bass tones shook the venue as they continued on. They crossover from heavy to mainstream rock, and that shows the talent they have. They played some of their more well-known songs such as “Above It All,” “White Noise,” and “One More Night.” They finished off their set with their latest single “Undertow.”

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It was time for the Australian natives to take the stage. The lights went down, and the crowd was screaming at the top of their lungs. The Amity Affliction emerged from backstage, and started off the night with “Pittsburgh.” Fans in the crowd were singing along as some even crowd surfed over the barricade with excitement. They led into “Shine On” while the energy of the crowd kept raging on. Joel Birch was even high fiving fans hands as they came over the barricade. The pit opened up and fans beside me were moshing and having fun to the music. Playing songs from old albums as well as new like “Chasing Ghosts,” D.I.E.,” and “Coffin.” Energy did not slow down for the rest of the night as fans wanted more. Chanting for an encore, they came back out and finished off the night with “Soak Me in Bleach.”

Photos By | Jessica Kelly