Spill Tab Hits The Masquerade in Underground Atlanta With Opener Boyish

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Written By | Rowin Hernandez 

Wednesday October 5, 2022 at the Masquerade in Underground Atlanta, the line was ready and waiting for the final stretch of the Spill Tab Tour. As the door opens for the Purgatory at The Masquerade, the atmosphere gave off great vibes. It was a small venue but it was perfect as it gave off a feeling of exclusivity for anyone that follows Spill Tab.

It wasn’t a packed house in the sense that there was no extra inch of space to walk around but there was enough room for everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

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For the opening, the Artists know as Boyish got a warm welcome from Atlanta! Boyish got the crowd warmed up for the big entrance of Spill Tab. Everyone was hyped and screamed their lungs out. 

In the middle of the concert they had to tune some instruments that they’ve been switching out. However, to entertain the crowd they started a quick Q&A which was a really nice change of pace and showed how much they care about their fans and the connections they make.

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Overall, this was a great experience especially with my first time listening to them. I would definitely recommend seeing them if they’re ever in town.

Photos By | Rowin Hernandez