Steel Panther in Atlanta at Buckhead Theatre with Crobot

Written By | Tyler Anderson

It was a rainy night in Buckhead when Crobot and Steel Panther came to town. People were piling in the venue trying to avoid getting absolutely soaked.


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The opening band, Crobot took the stage exactly at 8pm and immediately commanded it. After recording an album in Marietta, they mentioned that they felt like they were home. With unbelievable energy they erupted into a performance for the ages! Brandon Yeagley took over the stage and fed off the crowd in a way never seen before, from flipping around his mic stand to jumping on the shoulders of guitarist Chris Bishop, he was all over the stage! The crowd was absolutely loving the energy emanating off the band! They played an eight-song set and really set the mood for Steel Panther.


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Coming out to the blasting lyrics of “Everybody Wants Some” by Van Halen, Michael Starr came out screaming and the band ripped into “Eyes of a Panther”. Bassist Lexxi Foxx and guitarist Satchel soon jumped down from their post next to drummer Stix Zadinia and joined Michael at the front of the stage. The bands energy melted into the crowd as they absolutely erupted into a frenzy. There were beads and clothes flying everywhere as the band ate up every second of it. After Eyes, Steel Panther went into “Let Me Cum In” before the band introductions.


It was a solid 20-minute introduction for all the band members with witty banter and extremely obvious sexual innuendo. I have never seen a band play off a crowd the way Steel Panther does. It is a crazy show and an even better act by the band members. After the introductions, the crowd led the way on “All I Wanna Do” and the night was officially ready for lift off. Steel Panther absolutely blew the roof off the Buckhead Theatre that night. 

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Photo Credit | Tyler Anderson

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