The Floozies in Philadelphia at Theatre of Living Arts with Openers Russ Liquid and Main Focus

Written By | Kahleel Frazier


Rain or shine the show must go on! Friday, May 18th, 2019 at the TLA in Philadelphia, the traveling funk group called “The Floozies” took the stage by storm. If you’re we’re in the building that night, you probably left the venue with your shirt soaked in sweat from the amazing Russ Liquid performance.

Russ Liquid had the crowd going wild from start to finish while playing other instruments like a trumpet, that caught everyone by surprise.


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The momentum didn’t stop there, the energy in the crowd was electric during the intermission. The artists had fans with body paint on their face and arms, dancing as if it was their last concert they were ever going to attend. One fan even bought in 3 glow in the dark balls which he juggled continuously all night, and to be honest I don’t think I ever saw him even stop to drink water.   

After the crowd was done moshing to Russ Liquid, Manic Focus joined him on stage and took over the decks.


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It was like the music took over everybody in the crowd.  The energy was maintained throughout his entire set and this is when things started to really feel like an experience. Something that only the audience can remember. This feeling of being a part of a small group of people that have connected that deeply through music was something that brought us all a little closer together. People were dancing like nobody was watching, the atmosphere was filled with enjoyment. 

To put the icing on the cake was The Floozies. The crowd let out a deafening roar as they walked on stage. You could feel the vibration in the air as if the crowd felt the same exact way, in that same moment, al moved by music. You know the expression “Brought down the house”? That’s exactly what these brothers did. When the light show really started, lasers came out just above the crowd head as fans reached for them as if they were reaching for the star.

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The fans were doing everything they could to get closer to the band. Slowly as light show was ending the fans was giving their last breath to close the show out with a bang from a night they will remember for a long time. 


Photo Credit: Kahleel Frazier

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