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The King of Bachata blesses the Brooklyn Arena

Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

NEW YORK CITY, NY OCTOBER 07, 2018 – As you walk up the stairs, on an oddly warm October night, from Atlantic Avenue train station you hear the enchanting Bachata fill the New York City streets as the Barclay Center comes into view. Lines backed up out of every entrance to see the Latin pop star Romeo Santos, despite it being a Sunday night. As you enter and walk into the Brooklyn Arena you are greeted by the body moving tunes of DJ Mad.

Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

He blended all the top Latin hits with underground sounds. From Cardi B and Bad Bunny’s smash “I Like it,” Chambea to El Alfa and Secreto. It felt more like a party than a concert. At this point everyone was out of their seats moving. He wrapped up his set thanked the crowd.

The lights flashed then dimmed as the band started to play the crowd started to roar as we heard the first notes. He opened with “Perjurio” while styling a cheetah print sports jacket and iconic shades and let the guitar riff extend as the crowd ate up this Latin sensation.

Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

Before starting his second song he united everyone in the crowd with his call in response naming everyone’s nationality. The arena’s light show was out of this world encasing Romeo in beams of light as he two-steps across stage to the live band.

The King serenated us with Odio, bringing his crowd through memories of break ups and remembering that his music has gotten us through all aspects of love. His octave range is as impressive as his writing and stage presence. As you look around, the crowd is lost in his melodic tune and hips are shaking to the live band.

The King gave us a show reminding us of his catalogue extending back to his Aventura days to his solo project Formula Vol. 1 and of course his latest album Golden.

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