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Todd Snider in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse

Written By | Andres Piedrahita


So, I’ll be honest here. At some point, I completely forgot there were openers for bands. I’ve been going to a lot of raves and they have sets which I guess is the same as openers. The last real concert I went to was about a year ago. Well, when I got to the Variety playhouse, I thought the band that had come out was the headliner. I was completely wrong and realized it was the opener for Todd Snider. Their band was called “Raelyn Nelson Band” and they were spectacular! The first song they played I think was a cover from Carley Rae Jepsen.

Now, that I think about it, the lead singer kind of resemble Carly a bit and sounded a bit like her as well. Anyway, throughout their performance they told a few stories of how they thought about the songs they made and were they got most of their inspirations. I should note the band is more than just two people. Apparently, they couldn’t have the whole band there for some reason, but glad they at least come through and still played. I do wonder how differently they sound with their full band playing, rather just two members.


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I will say I did get to meet the lead singer and lead guitars from the band as there well humble to meet each person that came up to them. Found out the travel via van and play each weekend which seems like a really cool way to view the United States. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to see them again, but as a full band!!

Before I attended the show, I decided to listen to a few of Todd Snider’s songs he had posted on Spotify. Needless to say, I enjoyed the folk style he had been creating in his new album. I did some more research and found out his music genre wasn’t just folk music. Prior to that genre, his main music genre was rock, which I thought it was odd to make such a change from something you’re used to playing for so many years. From reading his bio on why he changed genre, it said as he was relaxing with a buddy of his, he felt he should make a folk album and wanted to go back to his roots. There were a few songs from him that I had heard before the show started that I really enjoyed and was excited to hear them live.


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When Todd Snider had come out, I was in awe when he brought out his dog! Never in my life I have ever seen an artist being out a pet, but to my surprise he did! That honest made my mood a heck of a lot better!! Throughout the show he told of many stories he had stored in his memories and when he would tell these stories, it was in a very comedic tone. It felt like was watching a concert/comedy show. Basically, got a two for one deal which is pretty cool. Needless to say his performance was fantastic and would have never knew he was a rock artist, if I didn’t look up his bio.

Photos By | Andres Piedrahita

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