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We Came as Romans “To Plant a Seed” 10 year Anniversary Tour with Dayseeker, Gideon, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Written By | Denis Cheng


The opening night of the 10 year anniversary of To Plant a seed Tour at The House of Blues was filled with a lot of emotion and excitement, an stellar lineup and a full house got us prepared for an incredible night at one of the best venues in Chicago.


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The night started with Dayseeker as the opening act, the guys from California played songs from their most recent record “Sleeptalk” and I’m sure they gained a lot of new followers that night, the great vocal melodies from their singer Rory Rodriguez gaves us goosebumps during the entire set, but don’t get me wrong these guys know when to get heavy, and their single Crooked Soul (and a personal favorite song) is a great example.


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Gideon was up next, it was my first time seeing these guys, they didn’t disappoint, a lot of energy on stage, the front man Daniel McWhorte really knows how to put a show up and captivate the audience, just look at the pictures to get an idea, during their performance the crowd started to get a little out of control, with a crazy mosh pit and crowdsurfing.

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Third in line was The Devil Wears Prada, just the perfect anticipation for the main act, filled with energy, combining classic well known hits like “chemical” with a couple of Live debut hits from their new record, “Numb” and “The Thread”. A great act in general that you need to catch whenever you have a chance.

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Then it came what we all were there to see, a very special performance by We came as Romans, first big tour since the sadly death of their clean singer Kyle Pavone last August, 2018.

The guys played the entire To Plant a Seed Album, the album responsible for their success.


Very special moment right before they played their most new single, “carry the Weight” clearly dedicated to their beloved friend and bandmate Kyle, a very touching song with heavy lyrics that anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to, and they closed their set with a song they said was Kyle’s favorite song, “Lost in a Moment”.

An Incredible and emotional night filled with energy, good vibes and great music that I hope all the good metal core music can get to see.

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Photos By | Denis Cheng