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YUNGBLUD in Atlanta at Vinyl

ATLANTA, GA October 10, 2018 – When you have been to so many concerts, it’s easy to become a little jaded and think you’ve heard everything; this was not the case at the YUNGBLUD show. It was in a very intimate venue, Vinyl in Atlanta. This venue is one of my favorites in the area.

Photo By | Nate Black

Most pop punk shows have similar vibes, but YUNGBLUD is definitely in his own genre, his own world, if you will. As I stood outside waiting to go in, I heard the fans talking about how YUNGBLUD is worth waiting in the rain really gave me something to look forward to. Walking in the venue and seeing the excitement of the crowd is probably one of the reasons I still love being a concert photographer! The first band was about to go on, their name is Arrested Youth, I got a Twenty One Pilots vibe from them which definitely hyped up the atmosphere of the show as a whole; they are definitely a band to watch. After Arrested Youth finished you could see and hear all of the fans start to buzz about YUNGBLUD “what is he going to start with?” “do you think he’ll do…?” and after the crew did a mic check the lights went dark and unbeknownst to me I was about to see one of my favorite concerts ever.

YUNGBLUD creates a cool environment for his fans, from the pink theme to the splash zone effect that he created with his water bottle spray as soon as he walked on stage; it was so punk and honestly how a show should start. He owned his pink and black look and from the screams of the fans, they were loving his whole vibe- Justin Bieber’s fans have nothing on YUNGBLUD’s.

Photo By | Nate Black

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Opening up with “21st Century Liability” and ending with “Die For The Hype” it was a beautifully constructed set. Seeing fans eyes light up and screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs is such a spectacular sight to behold, I felt like I was a seeing the start of a revolution. All in all, I would say that YUNGBLUD is a must see, very energetic and just all-around fun and very caring towards his fans as well.

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