Zara Larsson in Philadephia at Union Transfer with Opener Astrid S

Written By | Keila Pressley

On Sunday, May 12th Astrid S performed an amazing show opener for Zara Larsson at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Astrid S is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and model. Her genre of music is a mix of pop music, tropical house and electronic dance music. This was a perfect fit as Zara Larsson’s opening act because of the similar music type. The audience was just as excited to see Astrid S .

Throughout the act, the audience seemingly knew every lyric and shouted all the lyrics. Astrid closed out her show with her last song being “ATIC” which seamed to be her biggest hit. Everyone in the front row lost it as she crouched down to touch their hands and sing part of her songs with them. All of Union Transfer screamed the lyrics and danced; the energy in the room was the most electric I’ve ever seen!

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Astrid then ended the show with introducing her band members and thanked them,then walked off stage. As she walked off the stage, the band members continued to showcase one last final snippet of their talents and ended their set with a bang of each member doing an extreme 30 seconds performance of their instrument.

Zara Larsson finally hit the stage after an introduction of intense light works and a build of music. Zara Larsson is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Her music had hints of soul, electro pop and house music. Which explains a lot of how she moved on stage with her dancers. She had frolicked all over the state jumping in the air with joy, doing splits, twerking all while the audience simultaneously jumping up and down with her to each of her moves.

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As Zara started to sing her newest song “Ruin my life” she bent down and smiled for a selfie with an audience member. At that point you could tell that Zara was really having fun with her fans and wanted to engage them in more of her experience. Zara also then included us with her holding the mic out to the audience and having them finish the lyrics of her song. A truly unforgettable experience. I know this up and coming star will continue to break barriers and put on incredible shows for her fans. If you ever get the chance to see either perform, I would highly suggest it. You wont regret it.

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Photo Credit: Keila Pressley

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