Administration Prioritizing Equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Vaccinating the U.S. population is central to President Biden’s comprehensive whole-of-government strategy to beat the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensuring that vaccines are administered equitably is central to his plan. New reports highlight the administration’s effort to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to communities of color and other underserved communities.

Today, CBS This Morning reported on two new mass vaccination centers open in Los Angeles and Oakland, California. The administration is setting up and helping to fund community vaccination centers nationwide, and five similar sites are set to open in Texas and New York. In an effort to reach the most vulnerable communities, the administration plans to launch mobile vaccination centers in places communities know and trust — community centers, high school gyms, churches, and stadiums nationwide.

This morning, Vice President Harris spoke with Los Angeles KJLH’s Dominique DiPrima to promote the mass vaccination site in Los Angeles and stress the importance of getting the vaccine.  Vice President Harris stated: “Get your vaccine when it is your turn. What we are doing as an administration is we are making sure that folks have access to the vaccine and can get it, by, for example, setting up those mass vaccination sites and supporting those at the local level. For your listeners I’m going to give you a website address where you can go to find out when you are eligible to get the vaccine and where you can get it.  And, the website is We are at the federal government, also supporting community health centers, of which there are many in Los Angeles, to make sure that people have trusted places where they can go to get vaccinated.”

Vice President Harris also spoke to Lee Stephens with Grand Rapids WNWZ to promote the administration’s new community health center vaccination program. The White House recently announced that it was sending vaccine supply directly to community health centers, trusted health care providers for under-served communities. “We have put resources into community health centers to make sure that folks can get the vaccine when it is their turn, in a place that they trust and a place that is in the community. I want to encourage everyone in Grand Rapids to go to them. I’m going to give you a website address right now, and it is Or visit the Kent County Public Health website. But that is where you can get information about your eligibility and where you can get the vaccine,” said Vice President Harris.

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