Amazon Prime April release: Without Remorse

Written By | Agustina Subira

Released on April 30, Without Remorse is a movie based on Tom Clancy’s homonymous novel written in 1993. It is an action film that narrates the story of a U.S. navy SEAL that in his seek for revenge, for his wife and unborn child, he discovers a complex international conspiracy.

Even though Michael B. Jordan has done an amazing job as the main character, the whole result of the story is neither enjoyable nor convincing. The plot is unclear and becomes predictable at times, as well as far-fetched. The fact that we get to know so little about Jordan’s wife in fiction, “Pam Kelly”, diminishes the argument’s credibility, since she is the structural base of it. There are many action scenes that, despite being accurately produced with good effects, they lack real emotion and can end up weakening the narrative. Trying to avoid spoilers, it can be said that the end can easily be guessed.

The conspiracy thriller has been a popular genre in cinema. The political, (international and national) context, for example, the assassination of John F. Kennedy or the Cold War, are events that stimulated the public and producer’s creativity to consume and produce, respectively, this genre. Hollywood has witnessed this in many movies; from “North by Northwest” (1959) to “Persecuted” (2014). Technology (“Mr Robot”, 2015-2019) and aliens (“The Vast of Night”, 2019) have also been frequent matters of conspiracy and paranoia in films.

The well-known cinema web site Rotten Tomatoes, has rated the movie with 5.30 points out of ten, according to critics and 2.8 according to the audience. IMDb, gave it a 5.7 qualification out of ten.

Jordan’s character power and heroism, along with his outstanding performance, is one if not the only aspect to thank for that score, but the unoriginal government conspiracy story and script elements makes Without Remorse one of many forgettable action movies.