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Written & Captured By | Chantal Burau

Amber Run stopped on their European Tour at Privatclub in Berlin, in order to promote their latest album How To Be Human. The small club was filled to the max as the band entered the stage and began their set.

Amber Run started off strong and soulful with “The Beautiful Victorious” and with the beginning of the second song of the evening they had technical problems and had to switch up the order of the songs. The Band played “Noah”, which was supposed to follow later on in the set, as an acoustic version and as soon as the problems were solved continued regularly with the set.

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Their setlist was nicely balanced with faster and more danceable songs, like “Noah”, “Honeylight” and “Hurt”, that were riddled with slower more thoughtful and touching songs, like “Fickle Game”, “5AM”, “Wastelands” or “Amen”, that made you savor and swing along to the soundscapes and to the mesmerizing voice of singer and guitarist Joe Keogh. This added to the few acoustic songs and the spontaneous switching of the songs pushing through some difficulties that most musicians probably fear, added more depth to their set and gave them the chance to show off their variability and their artistic ability.

The encore was mixed as well with a solo performance of “The Last Dance”. The song was followed by “I Found” the fan-championed song, where Joe Keogh was joined again by the rest of the band, that is remarkable as studio version but immersed the room even more in a goosebumps mood as a live version. The last song of the night was “Spark” that let the mood turn and heated up the energy for the final one last time and let the band and the fans give their all and dance and sing along once more.


Photos By | Chantal Burau