AWOLNATION in Philadelphia at The Fillmore With Badflower

Written & Captured By | Jonah van Bemmelen

When I first arrived at the show the crowd was in full attendance because so many people had come to see Badflower, a band that had the star power to be a headliner of their own. A lot of the crowd was in Badflower merchandise already and when the lights went dark the whole crowd erupted in excitement. The band walked out to the “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” theme song which the crowd loved. They started off by playing “Don’t Hate Me” followed by “Johnny Wants to Fight” and “Promise Me”.  Every band member was bringing a ton of energy and both guitarists were jumping up and down with their hair flying all over the place.

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As the show went on the music got the crowd more and more involved and I was a new fan by the end of the set. With a short time between bands it was time for AWOLNATION. 

AWOLNATION came out to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” and then went on to play “Freaking me Out”, “Slam”, and “Soul Wars” as their first 3 songs. They were incredible performers and had very cool light set ups throughout the entirety of the show. They played both hits from their new album as well as some of their older hits. The crowd really got into this show and was singing along, even the people from the balcony were leaning over singing the words back to the band. A highlight of the show is when they came back from their encore and brought on Hydro the Hero to sing a cover of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” that had the whole crowd singing and dancing along.

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They closed with their most famous hit “Sail” which had amazing lighting and everyone had their phones out to film seeing that in person. Overall it was a great show by both of the bands and the crowd all left very satisfied with the show.