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Dollyrots Tour Postponed

Dollyrots Posponed

Statement From Dollyrats:

In the wave of the current health crisis, we’ve come to the difficult decision that moving forward with our Spring tour isn’t in the best interest of our fans, friends, and family. As much as we regret how this may affect the venues, support bands, and even our crew and bottom line, we feel that carrying on would be an irresponsible move. It’s not just a flu, it’s serious and highly contagious. And with the lack of widespread testing being offered by our government and healthcare system we also can’t confidently know what the true risk is for exposure.

Anyone who’s been to one of our shows knows that we make every effort to meet our fans after the set, to hang out, to take silly selfies and give sweaty hugs. We consider tons of y’all friends and that connection makes touring the best part of being in a band. So the last thing we’d want is to push forward with these dates and find out someone contracted this at one of our shows, got it from one of us, or inadvertently passed it on to us. Also, the fact we tour with our kids poses a whole extra level of concern, we need to protect them from exposure and possibly becoming carriers themselves. All those planes, vans, rvs, hotels, venues… just too many opportunities to become part of the spread.

Just to be clear: we’re NOT canceling these shows. The intent is to postpone until later in the Summer when things will hopefully be more under control – and our team’s been working very hard over the past couple days to make that happen. It’s honestly not that easy. But the updated tour will be posted in the coming days and presale tickets will still be valid for the new dates. In the meantime we’re planning to continue bringing music to y’all through online shows and more. Our new single is still coming out next Tuesday 3/17 and we’ll find creative ways to offer the tour merch we’ve already printed to y’all too.

We will, as we hope you will, limit our social interactions in the coming weeks and do our part to slow the spread of this thing. It’s our responsibility to our band community and families. And whether you believe in the seriousness of COVID-19 or not, it’s your responsibility to the people you care about as well. We hope we can all come together after this and continue to rock and roll. Until then, let’s be awesome to each other and keep supporting DIY music. And let’s also be nice to each other, everyone is going to face their own challenges in the coming weeks.