Donna Missal and Samia put on an empowering and inspiring show in Atlanta

Written By | Tori White

Donna Missal and Samia put on an empowering and inspiring show in Atlanta, Georgia this Wednesday night. 

Samia and female guitarist, Sarah, took stage first. Samia had a voice and presence so powerful it was hard to believe she was battling a cold. Samia’s raw talent immediately captivated the audience and her story on how she started as a fan of Donna’s made her so relatable. Samia did her part and got the audience up, moving, and ready for the vocal powerhouse Donna Missal.

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Photo By | Tori White

Donna Missal came on the stage and immediately had the audience in tears. Missal’s came on stage ready to dance full of an unmatched energy. She gave several empowering speeches and even though she stated speeches weren’t part of her job she managed to move to audience to tears. The speeches reminded the crowd of the emotions and stories behind the lyrics Missal would later belt out. 

Missal’s speech about female empowerment spoken to a room full of women supporting women, followed by her performance of Girlsleft the room speechless. Missal is a woman with a story, and she demands it be heard. More than having a story to tell, Missal has a story to live. Driving was another song she performed with a story that was bigger than most originally thought.

Photo By | Tori White

She shared her story of finding herself, in regard to being unique in the industry and making sure she was the driver of own her life. Seeing Donna Missal live was a privilege. Perfectly expressing the stories found in a studio album is not something everyone can do live, but Donna Missal does just that and she is a force to be reckoned with.  

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