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DTE Energy Music Theatre was alive and well with passionate heavy metalheads Labor Day Weekend

Written By | Paul Farinas

CLARKSTON, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre was alive and well with passionate heavy
metalheads this past Saturday. From the get-go the parking lot was buzzing with heavy
rock music stemming from Led Zeppelin to Metallica to 5 Finger Death Punch (5FDP).
Not even heavy rain could stop these metalheads’ tailgate party.

Photo By | Paul Farinas

The whole show started off with a bang as opening bands Bad Wolves, Nothing
More, and Breaking Benjamin kept the audience hot for 5FDP. I’ve always enjoyed
going to heavy rock metal concerts because the audience gives the energy right back to
the artists harder and better than any other music genre, and that night was no different.
Unfortunately, due to a bad weather forecast and DTE Energy Music Theatre being an
outdoor venue, bands’ sets were moved earlier to avoid a heavy thunderstorm.

Photo By | Paul Farinas

Finally as the lights turn off, Barney the Dinosaur’s theme song plays “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…” and the crowd sings along. Then out of nowhere the black sheet covering the stage falls and the band begins to play their first song “Lift me up”. The crowd goes so mental not even my earplugs could drown out the noise. Behind that black sheet was a beautifully designed stage, and hovering over Jeremy Spencer (drummer) and his insane drum kit contraption was a huge skull with baseball bats behind it. The band played with a lot of passion especially Ivan Moody (lead vocals). Not only did he showcase his pipes but he also did it while showing off his funny sense
of humor in between songs.


The highlight of the night would have to be when Ivan brought up kids from the
crowd to go on stage with him to perform an acoustic version of “Remember Everything”. One kid was so overwhelmed that she started crying tears of joy which prompted Ivan to give her an accessory he was wearing. Even though the set was cut short, 5FDP packed as much punch to the set as possible and they did not disappoint.
Check out their new album And Justice for None out now!

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