Honda Creates New Driver Coaching App to Advance Teen Driver Education and Safety Awareness

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Honda announced the creation of the new Honda Driver Coaching smartphone app, designed to help improve the skills of new drivers and promote safe driving practices. Honda Driver Coaching, now free to download from the Apple App Store, combines exclusive access to the vehicle’s onboard computer to deliver detailed, real time driving analysis with a clever game component to ensure the lessons are fun and engaging. Honda is the #1 brand for first-time and Gen Z buyers.

The perfect complement to formal driver education, the new Honda Driver Coaching app builds on the company’s longstanding “Safety for Everyone” approach, a commitment to advance safety for everyone sharing the road.

“We created the Honda Driver Coaching app to take meaningful action to address a critical issue – that nearly one-third of U.S. traffic fatalities involve drivers under 25 years of age,” said MJ Foxley, Safety Strategy Leader of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With schools getting out and summer driving season just around the corner, we hope our new Honda Driver Coaching app can positively influence young drivers and the safety of everyone sharing the road.”

The new Honda Driver Coaching app is compatible with many new and prior model year Honda and Acura models equipped with Apple CarPlay, enabling new drivers to improve their driving style by using Honda safety technology as they drive.

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Once the app is installed and the driver’s iPhone is connected to the vehicle, the Honda Driver Coaching app analyzes driver inputs including steering, braking, and acceleration in real time, instructing the driver when they need assistance. When the lesson is complete, a calculated driving score allows users to track their progress, along with a summary of their drive with specific driving tips.

An invaluable resource for less experienced drivers, the Honda Driver Coaching app is easy to use with intuitive displays on the vehicle’s center touchscreen. Users can also sharpen their skills by watching the app’s extensive library of driver training videos on their smartphone when not driving.

The new Honda Driver Coaching app is compatible2 with the following Honda and Acura models equipped with Apple CarPlay:                       

Honda Civic (2019-2020)
Honda Insight (2018-2022)
Honda Accord (2018-2020 and 2023 or newer)
Honda HR-V (2023 or newer)
Honda CR-V (2020 or newer)
Honda Pilot (2023 or newer)
Acura Integra (2023 or newer)