Indie Rock Band Mattiel Take Their Tour to Atlanta’s Masquerade

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

The beauty of indie rock is amazing especially when the band is just two members who enjoy creating lively music for their audience! Mattiel is one of the newer bands from Atlanta, GA who are in the process of doing an album tour release named “Georgia Gothic” that was released in late March.

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It seems there popularity is based more in the UK as they get more recognition of their music than they do here in the states. Either way they definitely get a high praise here in their hometown that is for sure. They were able to grab a spot to perform on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” which help push their music career to new heights!

Whenever they are able to stop by in the great city of Atlanta, they are greeted with wonderful fans that enjoy the vibes Mattiel brings to the stage! Even though they are only a two-person band, they are without a doubt able to perform as if there is a full band on stage. Their use of the stage is amazing as they space themselves out so each of them are able to be viewed by the crowd. Their show has a unique twist that I would only see DJ’s do as they have a projector playing scenes from previous music videos or snips from TV shows they enjoy; which is a nice take to add onto the show. None the less if you have a chance to see Mattiel at your local venue, do it and you won’t be disappointed!

Photos By | Andres Piedrahita