Amid the enormous success of his Emociones World Tour, singer Jay Wheeler took the time to surprise his fans with his versatility. Because today, the favourite voice of the urban genre premiered Te La Dedico and For You, his two new singles and music video, simultaneously. 

In Te La Dedico, as we can see in the music video, the singer maintains his romantic style while telling the story of a couple who has ended their relationship because one of them wished to experience new adventures, but later regrets it and tries to come back.

But of the two singles out this Friday, the big surprise is For You, a new English-language song in which Wheeler demonstrates his versatility and his capacity to sing in both languages, reminiscent of his previous hit Can’t Figure It Out.

The innovative music video for both tracks is shot as a single storyline, visually linking both songs as a single story. One song ends and another begins with a new story, demonstrating once again Jay’s love for innovation and his capacity for conquering challenges to continue solidifying his career. 

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“Even while on tour, I have not stopped working on my music, composing, and even recording. I managed to finish these two tracks and decided to release them both at the same time and to include the music videos because I feel it’s one of the best gifts, I can give my fans. All the love they have given me, and which I feel in every city I visit, is really impressive so I want them to enjoy this experience along with me and to see new and different things from Jay Wheeler”, said the artist.

This is the first time that Wheeler launches such a big release that is not an official album. Both tracks are now available on all digital platforms.

Wheeler is currently in the middle of his first world tour which began in October 2022 with four sold-out shows at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico and which is now taking him to big cities all over the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. 

The Emociones World Tour began outside of Puerto Rico on Valentine’s Day and has already had huge success in Orlando, Miami, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

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