Joe Biden’s Hopeful Message Lights Up the Airwaves as Team Trump Goes Dark

Biden for President Spending $45 Million Across Broadcast and Digital This Week

Biden for President adapted Joe Biden’s speech yesterday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into a new minute-long ad that will begin airing nationwide on cable channels and in key battlegrounds. As the Trump campaign is still dark in critical states, Biden for President is continuing to ramp up its general election paid media spending, investing $45 million on broadcast and digital this week alone.

Be Not Afraid uses Vice President Biden’s remarks about how President Trump has fanned the flames of division, failed to unequivocally condemn the violence in American cities, and instilled fear across the country. The ad highlights Joe Biden’s message to the country in this moment: we must stop the unacceptable violence, unite the country, and be guided by the words of Pope John Paull II: “Be Not Afraid.”