Renowned artist Joey Montana is preparing to surprise his fans with the release of his new single titled “Tus Mentiras” from Virgin Music Colombia. The song will reach listeners around the world and is sure to captivate them with his signature style and powerful lyrics.

In “Tus Mentiras,” Joey Montana explores the theme of deception and betrayal in love. The song tells the story of a relationship marked by lies and deceit, with a sincere and direct tone that resonates in each verse.

The catchy chorus and the combination of infectious rhythms create an irresistible musical experience that connects with the listener’s emotions.

The music video for “Tus Mentiras” was directed by the talented director Piva, who perfectly captured the essence of the song. The visually stunning video reflects the artist’s emotions and message through images that convey the song’s narrative. Each scene has been carefully designed to illustrate the struggles and feelings that Joey Montana wants to express in his music.

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The lyrics of “Tus Mentiras” highlight the frustration and disillusionment that comes from discovering the lies in a relationship. With lyrics like “Dispara tus mentiras que yo las esquivo / Yo las esquivo / Yo las esquivo”, (“Let your lies fly so I can dodge them / I dodge them / I dodge them,”) Joey Montana emphasizes his determination to stop being deceived.

The song is a powerful reminder of the importance of honesty and sincerity in love and relationships.

The global release of “Tus Mentiras” marks an exciting moment in Joey Montana’s career. The artist has once again demonstrated his ability to connect with his audience through authentic lyrics and memorable melodies.

Fans can expect a musical experience that touches the heart and resonates with those who have experienced the heartbreak of love.

For more details and updates on “Tus Mentiras” and Joey Montana’s activities, fans can follow the artist on his social media and digital music platforms.