McDowell Confident Leading into Darlington Navage Nasal Care Ford Driver Has Top-10 Speed

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Michael McDowell and his No. 34 Navage Nasal Care Ford Mustang team will tackle the always challenging, egg-shaped, Darlington (S.C.) Raceway this weekend.

McDowell, has had three consecutive weeks of top-10 speed, taking home two top-10 finishes in the last three events. Darlington has always been a challenging track for all drivers, but he is poised for another great finish ahead.

“It wouldn’t be too far to say that this season has been our strongest yet. While we don’t have a win like we did last year though this point, the consistency and performances have been there. It’s always great to finish top-15 with the competition we have in the Cup Series this year. To already have three top-10’s this early in the season with our Navage Nasal Care Ford is great. It really shows the dedication and work that Blake and all the guys have been putting into this car each week.” says McDowell.

He continues, “We were pretty nervous last weekend about how the new car would take to the abrasive surface and bumps in Dover, but after the run we had, I’m confident that we can replicate that this weekend as well. Darlington is tricky with how you dial the car in with it’s different profiles of corners, but the key to success is finding that perfect balance between the two. If we can do that like we did last week, we will have another competitive result in our Navage Nasal Care Ford.”

McDowell and the No. 34 Navage Nasal Care Ford Mustang team will race again this Sunday, May 8th, at 3:30 p.m. ET on FS1.