Night Riots definitely put on a show to remember and captured the hearts of it’s fan that night.

The Shelter in Detroit, MI one of the most storied venues brought one of the hottest up and coming American Alternative rock bands to town. The group from San Luis Obispo, California came in town fresh off their Cleveland, Ohio performance. A energetic Detroit Crown stood in line in the rain as they patiently awaited entry into the storied venue where some of the most popular entertainers have performed.

Before Night Riots took the stage, the crown was entertained by Sara Coda and her group Silent Rival. Silent Rival played a variety of songs that kept the crowd dancing and singing along. They really kept the crowds attention as fans packed into the venue.

After Silent Rival finished their performance the next group by the name of Courtship. took the stage. The L.A duo kept that crowds attention with their synth pop style.

As Courtship finished up their last song I can tell that crowd was getting anxious as they awaited Night Riots to take the stage. Fans collectively came together as they chanted “Night Riots” “Night Riots”. Some fans took that time to purchase Night Riots gear and take pictures with the previous act.

The lights dimmed as Night Riot came from the back and took the stage while the crowd screamed in excitement. Soon as lead singer Travis stepped onto stage the crowd went crazy.

They started their performance off with their song ‘Nothing personal’ that had the crowd singing in unison. As they rolled into the song ‘Pull Me Down’ Travis had the crowd interact by having everyone bend down as he went into the song break. The energy in the crowd was electric and even gave me chills as Travis controlled the crowds energy.

As they rolled into the song ‘Tear me apart’ Travis cut the music and started speaking to the crowd. He said that this song is very important to him. As the beat drop the crowd started waving their hands from side to side, others turned on the lights and screens on their phones and embraced the song as the band played.

I was really shocked how quickly this band grew on me with their music as the night went on and the band played some of their smash hits such as ‘All for you’ ‘Back to your love’ and ‘Love gloom’.

As the band took prepared to play their final song for the night ‘Contagious’ the crowd went into a frenzy soon as the beat started. The lights went dim with just a few spotlights that stayed on in the back. The crowds energy was at it’s highest point and every one sung the lyrics as the band played.

Night Riots definitely put on a show to remember and captured the hearts of it’s fan that night. As the band left the stage fans stood in awe and patiently awaited for the group to come from the back to meet the crowd.

This is a band that I think will eventually only get better attract more fans as they come to the closing of the Dark Violet tour which will end in Los Angeles California. I can honestly say that they have gained a fan in me after that show and I will for sure attend their next concert if they ever come back.

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