Rod Wave Brought The Feels to Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

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Written By | Aidan Hicks

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As the sun set Thursday evening, Fillmore Auditorium set the stage for Rod Wave and his anticipated return to Denver, Colorado. Wave returns in the thick of his creative drive off his two-album run. Pray 4 Love and SoulFly brought an innovative sound to gospel-rap, catapulting his take into the public eye. A sold-out crowd of mixed ages and backgrounds wrapped around the venue for hours to see the anxiously awaited Rod Wave. 

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Once doors opened and the crowd started rushing in, the night kicked off with a handful of solid openers. The mix of DJ X.O. tossing out shirts and stage hopping followed with OMN Twee giving laughs to the crowd. You could tell they’re upcoming but highlighted how they’re getting the taste of the tour lifestyle to hopefully gain and grow from it thanks to Wave.  

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With general admission tightening, NoCap took the stage just after releasing a wave singles. By direction of his hypemen, the crowd rapped along with NoCap to classics like “Ghetto Angels” and his recent drop “Vaccine.” NoCap’s jump from the stage was a crowd favorite. Running along the rail with hypemen in tow, he interacted with audience members for a personal close to his set. 

Afterwards, the lights went out with only a countdown on display while the crowd got louder as time ticked. Finally, Rod Wave elevated to center stage with a view of hundreds of phones creating a multicolored wave as “Street Runner” kicked off the show. All emotions were put on the table as Wave went down the list of hits. From crowd anthem trend “Heart on Ice” to the isolating vibe of “Dark Clouds,” Wave left nothing on the table for the crowd. Even the toughest of the audience couldn’t help but put a lighter in the air.  

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What stood out to me was Waves’ overall gratefulness to be at the point he’s at. This was made clear when he opened up about his past and inner demons through both music and intermissions between songs. With all he’s faced in life yet he’s achieved along with traveling so much, you can tell he’s not one to take any of this for granted as white phone flashlights overflowed the venue. Rod Wave simply brought church to the Fillmore and we can only anticipate his return.

Photos By | Aidan Hicks

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