The Benefits And Risks Of Using Biometric Authentication For Payments

The way we use payments has changed a lot in the last 10 years. In the past, we used mainly cash and cards. Today we more often decide on mobile and online payments. There are also many innovations related to payment protection. One of them is biometric authentication for payments. In our article, we will check what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution.

Biometric authentication – what to know?

The biometric authentication we describe today is related to data security. In the past, we might associate it with science fiction or sensational films, where the characters were given access to a room or computer by scanning the eye, face or hand. Today, we have such solutions in our smartphones, where we can log into applications, kasyno bez depozytu and mobile payments. Special systems create authorization models, and thanks to this model and biometric information, security systems can authenticate access to applications and other network resources. They may use identity verification based on a person’s physical characteristics and behaviour. Such security solutions first collect and store the user’s biometric data and then compare it with the biometric authentication factors, which can be fingerprinted and sent by the system upon login attempt. It is very important that the best biometric method on the market is the most reliable way to confirm identity. This is due to a simple fact – our biometric features do not change over time, and there are no two people with identical biometric features.

As we mentioned, biometric identity verification consists of 2 important stages:

  • First, biometric data is registered, which can be voice recording, fingerprint registration, and face photo. Then it is processed into digital form, and the pattern is saved.
  • The second stage is the process of identification and authentication itself. The application, the device, scans the characteristics of the person who wants access, then digitizes them, compares the characteristics with the pattern and grants or closes access.

What are the authentication methods?

Today, we can distinguish several methods of biometric authentication. We will try to present them accurately, as well as indicate their strongest and weakest features.

Fingerprint recognition

This is the most popular and common method because most smartphone manufacturers rely on such a system. Phones have a built-in scanner on the front, back or side, so you can use them comfortably. The basis of the system is a fingerprint reader that works in a digitized manner. Each person’s fingerprints are unique to him. The scanner, along with the software, analyzes the fingerprint pattern and then creates a digital model that is compared with future authentication attempts. Each person has a unique fingerprint, which has been used by the police for years. Therefore, it is not so easy to bypass such protections.

Advantages It is a cheap and effective method of authentication. Many smartphones and electronic devices have it. Easy and quick to use.
Disadvantages Dirt and wet fingers can cause the system to have problems with fingerprint recognition.

Face authentication

It is also an increasingly common method of verification in smartphones. It can be said that it is a transfer to a digital model of what we use every day. We use our eyes to recognize familiar faces, things and places. Here we have a system that first takes a picture of our face with the help of the phone camera and then creates a digital model based on it, which is then used to verify the user. This is also done with the help of the camera. The most important elements of the verification are checking the geometry of the face, the distance between the eyes, the distance between the chin and the nose, and special features.

Advantages It is a quick and comfortable method. Each phone has at least 1 camera. There is no need to insert additional elements in the phone – such as a fingerprint reader.
Disadvantages In phones, there are not the highest quality systems, so they are susceptible to fraud. You can try to fake someone’s image and unlock the phone, or payment application.

Voice recognition

Recently, electronic equipment manufacturers have introduced voice recognition. During the first work, the system records our voice and analyzes its sound. Each of us has a specific timbre of voice and special sound signs that can be a factor necessary for authentication. User voice analysis is one of the best authentication methods. To access the phone or application, it is necessary to say a few words. The best verification systems require not only saying a few words but entering a password, which is a whole sentence. Thanks to this, the system analyzes both the timbre of the voice and the given password.

Advantages Extremely effective and fraud-proof method. Possibility to combine verification with a password. Ease of use.
Disadvantages Background noise can distort recordings. Any health problems, especially colds, bronchitis, and sore throats, can distort the voice and make verification difficult. For many people, it is not very comfortable to unlock applications in this way in public places.

It is also worth mentioning that there is also Eye Recognition. Different systems use special eye-scanning methods for authentication purposes. This may be iris recognition or retina recognition to identify users. However, such solutions are used in expensive systems, so you can’t count on them in smartphones.

As you can see, the various methods of biometric verification have their advantages and disadvantages. They are widely used today, especially by banks, e-wallets and other financial institutions. In their applications for clients, they use such methods as the main form of logging in or as an additional form of verification. Thanks to this, you can count on better protection of your finances, especially if your phone is lost or stolen – a stranger has little chance of hacking into your account via the phone and the application. Using biometric authentication for payments is a recommended solution for everyone. It can be set when you are logging into the application and accepting payments. In this way, you can protect yourself more from scammers, as well as feel safer about your online finances.