Alt-pop powerhouse and platinum recording artist, Bishop Briggs, releases her newest track, “HIGHER,” today via Island Records. The standout track is packed with an upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and soulful backup vocals, all blended together by Bishop’s signature belts, making it the perfect feel-good anthem. Listen HERE.

 “I wrote ‘HIGHER’ in the darkest time of my heartache. I wanted to be the person who had learned all their lessons and was ready to move on, but I wasn’t there yet. Not even close. I started imagining myself racing down the street high-fiving whoever I could – spreading joy so much that I became joy. I then imagined myself feeling a lightness in my thoughts where I could negate even the most intrusive thoughts just by telling them to leave me be. I imagined this person because I desperately wanted to be this person. I hope you feel a relief when you listen to ‘HIGHER’ because just by listening to it, you are manifesting a new existence in which you are the joy.” – Bishop Briggs

Recently, Make Up For Ever introduced Bishop Briggs as the worldwide face of their new Rouge Artist Campaign.  In the video that kicked off the campaign, international anthem “We Will Rock You” is boldly interpreted by Bishop Briggs who performs the famous song embodying a new modern feminity. You can listen to the track here.