Honda and Acura Electric Vehicles Will Have Access to Largest EV Charging Networks in North America Aided by New Agreements with EVgo and Electrify America

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American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today announced that it has reached agreements with EVgo and Electrify America, plus roaming network partners, giving Honda and Acura EV customers access to more of the largest charging networks in North America. These latest agreements are in addition to the recent announcement that Honda will adopt the NACS charging standard with Honda and Acura EVs gaining access to the Tesla Supercharger network.

Combined with the recent joint venture that Honda established with six other major automakers to create a leading high powered charging network, US Honda and Acura EV customers will be able to utilize the majority of public American DC fast chargers starting in 2024 and can anticipate having around 100,000 DC charge points available to them by 2030.

“Honda aims to provide our customers with easy access to the most fast-charging options of any automaker,” said Jay Joseph, vice president, Sustainability & Business Development at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With access to a broad range of fast-charging networks: Tesla’s Supercharger network; EVgo; Electrify America; and roaming partner networks, Honda and Acura EV drivers will enjoy stress-free, convenient charging away from home.”

New Charging Agreements
The new agreements with EVgo and Electrify America, among the nation’s largest public fast charging networks for EVs, will provide Honda and Acura EV owners single-app access at thousands of fast chargers across the United States. Without leaving the HondaLink and Acura EV smartphone apps, Honda and Acura EV owners can find available stations, pay for charging, redeem credits, enroll in subscription plans and access other features at the EVgo and Electrify America stations and those of their roaming partners.

Upon the purchase or lease of a new Honda or Acura EV, customers can select one of three charging packages included in the MSRP. Both Honda and Acura offer a combination of public charging credits, charging equipment and installation credit to fit each buyer’s lifestyle, whether they’re a homeowner or renter, a new EV driver or those trading up for a newer EV.

Charging credits with EVgo and its partner roaming networks will be included with each optional charging package, providing even more convenient options for EV owners. These credits will range from $750 for owners aiming to maximize public charging to $100 for owners who select a Level 2 Home Charging Station and $500 installation credit, with a middle option including a $300 public charging credit paired with a Level 1/Level 2 Portable Charging Kit and a $250 installation credit. Customers redeem the installation credit through the Honda Home Electrification (HHE) or Acura Home Electrification (AHE) marketplaces where they can access a network of experienced local installers, as well as dedicated support from expert Energy Advisors available to answer questions on installation, rebates & incentives, and other home electrification products.

Electrify America will offer all first-time Honda and Acura EV owners 60kWh of complimentary public charging, included with each of the available charging packages. With these offers, Honda is the first automaker to offer its customers credits across multiple networks in the United States.

Full details will be made available closer to the launches of the all-new Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX in early 2024.

Honda and Acura Charging Packages Option A Option B Option C
Charging Equipment Home Charging Station (Level 2) Portable Charging Kit
(Level 1 and 2)
Installation Credit
$500 $250
EVgo Charging Credit $100 $300 $750
Electrify America Introductory Charging 60kWh 60kWh 60kWh

Tesla Supercharger Network Access
As recently announced, Honda and Acura customers will have access to Tesla Supercharger stations with the adoption of the North American Charging Standard (NACS). The 2024 Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX will be equipped with a Combined Charging System (CCS) port, but both all-electric SUVs are planned to be compatible with NACS through the use of a charging adaptor.

Honda is planning to launch a new EV model in North America equipped with a NACS port in 2025. From that point forward, Honda will continue adopting NACS standards for its models.