IMPRINT Review | Mustard x Migos – Pure Water

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

10 Summers/Interscope Records is proud to release the hotly anticipated music video for the sizzling new Mustard and Migos single, “Pure Water.”  Directed by Colin Tilley, the fun-filled clip depicts the affable super producer and label head hanging with the raucous rap trio on a soundstage in the middle of a paint ball splatter party.

Here at IMPRINT, we decided to review this unique video that captivates a lot, in the sense of its atmosphere. The video starts off with a stellar big header stating, DIRECTED BY COLIN TILLEY, and it depicts a paintball-themed dodgeball match between 4 females of each group in the video. It brings a captivating moment, as all 3 of the Migos (Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff) are in the video wearing all-white clothing, as well as Mustard. The enticing visuals lead up to the females coming forward and throwing dodgeball-looking paintballs directly towards their opponents, and it portrays then being hit, which seemed creative with the paint dripping all over each of their faces, whether in blue paint or in another colour.

Fast forward, it is directed to the main superstar of the Migos, Quavo, wearing an all-black attire with a long black robe with the backside saying, PURE WATER.  It comes with the yellow backdrop, and it also depicts a female sitting and riding on a forklift; with the cinematographer’s great direction for each shot, it goes whether at the front or near the back of Quavo rapping. Quavo also wears his signature diamond grill, with Mustard in the background wearing all-black. There’s also a female kneeling down in the video in the yellow backdrop, rocking a yellow tank top and a dress shirt, matching with yellow undershorts. The camera then directs to Quavo’s chains at the end of his verse.

As the video continues to get better and better, the next scene then directs to Offset and Mustard, with Mustard rocking a white sweatshirt with a red bulletproof vest and red cargos, while Offset rocks a red jumpsuit in the video. It also depicts them on a boat, standing on top, and with a lot of palm trees around the boat. During the third chorus, the video also shows a young kid with a blond fade, wearing only all-white pants and shoes, doing the original Blocboy JB “Shoot” dance and the Backpack Kid “floss” dance, during certain sets of the video.

Mustard and Takeoff

The video then fast-forwards to Mustard showing his grill, sitting on an old model of an ambulance, wearing only a construction caution-themed suit, with Takeoff wearing the same suit. It also depicts a variety of stop signs around the set. It also shows a two female opponent groups, stopping what they’re doing and staring directly at each other, giving negative poses at each other, showing their dislike. It then shows them going back to what they’re doing, with one of each group member with a bucket, throwing whatever paint balls they have at them. The video finally shows the kid dancing again, with all 4 artists two-stepping to the post-chorus of the song, making it more vibrant and relaxed. It then shows all of them showing whatever jewelry they have, and Mustard putting his hand on the camera to end off the video.

Overall, the video is very enticing with the stellar videography and the creative backdrops, which insinuate creativity and strong colour palettes throughout the atmosphere. From the models throwing paintballs at each other to each artist showing whatever lavish jewelry that they value to the unique fashion that everyone wears, it is sure to make you feel that this is the lavish lifestyle they live on a daily basis, and that they value the purity in jewelry through the paintballs to the boat, to a sort-of astonishing ambulance backdrop. It is definitely something to check out!

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