The Best Dressed Poker Players

Once a niche game played by a select few, poker’s popularity has grown extensively over the past two decades. Although the game is played extensively on the tables of Las Vegas and Macau, more recently it’s moved online.

Over 120 million people play poker online now, fuelled by better technology and more online casino sites than ever. It’s so easy to play with simply a mobile phone, which has allowed more people access around the world.

Its popularity is understandable. Poker requires an enticing blend of skill and luck that make it very exciting to play.

Although many of us prefer sitting at home playing in our loungewear, poker has long been associated with glamour. Enticing movie portrayals show poker players in their best garb, but it’s also true with some professionals.

Some of the top players like to dress for the occasion. For some, clothing lets them express their authentic selves and perhaps it helps their mindset too?

Must-haves for every poker player

Before we get into the best dressed by the felt, let’s look at some of the top accessories worn by players:

  • Sunglasses

Casinos aren’t known for being flooded with natural light, and the lighting is chosen to be ambient. So, why do so many players wear sunglasses?

Many players get a slight twitch or their eyes can give them away. That’s why sunnies are a great accessory to hide behind.

  • Caps/Hats

Many poker players have statement hats or baseball caps that they wear during tournaments. It’s not for insulation, they shade the face and can make you more inscrutable.

  • Earphones

Music helps many people concentrate on their strategy, or perhaps they are noise-cancelling earphones? Either way, some of the top players, including Phil Hellmuth, can often be spotted wearing head/earphones.

For others, the accessories are just part of it, they like to dress up for the big event.

We discuss five of the most impressively dressed poker players.

  1. Samantha Abernathy

This striking brunette loves poker so much she plays both online and at live events regularly. However, that doesn’t stop her from looking her best.

She loves sportswear, in particular Adidas, and has sported a range of colorful jackets at the table. However, sometimes she brings out her feminine side and wears classy long gowns.

She has raked in over $600,000 in less than a decade, both from tournaments on and offline. At the 2016 Aussie Millions, she was the talk of the town when she came in third, only beaten by:

2nd place: Tony Dunst

1st place: Alan ‘Ari’ Engel

  1. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey always looks good when he’s in a game. He knows that while the cameras focus on him concentrating, viewers will take in what threads he’s wearing.

He wears a lot of tailored shirts and sometimes adds a smart jacket over the top. Plaid is a regular feature in his outfits, showing a nod to the traditional from this top poker star.

When he does don a hoodie, it’s always stylish and not like something he grabbed off the floor.

Regularly named one of the best players in the world, Phil always appears composed. It doesn’t matter how much $$$ is on the table, he’s unflappable.

  1. Tony Dunst

Often referred to as “the man in the suit” Tony Dunst is known for his sophisticated style. He shows up to the tables in a proper suit, a neatly pressed shirt and a knotted tie.

One could be forgiven for thinking he’s off to an awards show. But here he’s chasing rewards in the form of poker winnings.

Sometimes he loosens the tie during a particularly stressful game, but always looks well put together.

Dunst’s live earnings total almost $4,000,000, and he is the proud owner of two WSOP bracelets.

  1. Olivia Boeree

Liv Boeree is a British poker player who demonstrates a strong sense of femininity in her fashion. She has experience modelling, and it shows, as she flaunts her amazing figure in great dresses.

Not just a beautiful face, Liv is a killer on the tables. She is the first female in poker’s history to win a World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour Championship.

Some might say that she distracts the many men that play alongside her. However, with earnings of almost $3.8 million from playing poker, it isn’t just style that keeps her winning.

  1. Daniel Negreanu

When you can afford Louboutin’s, why not show them off? Daniel Negreanu can afford quite a few pairs because he has won over $42 million in live events.

He ranks on best dressed lists due to his smart casual fashion sense, and serves his looks with aplomb. He can often be seen in a blazer and slacks, though has shown up in a two-piece suit.

Of course, when you have legendary status like Negreanu, you won’t be sweating into your suit. One thing is certain, this six WSOP bracelet holder and two-time World Poker Tour winner, never looks shoddy.