Pop-music-agitator Dorian Electra (pronouns: they/them/theirs) has reemerged to share a new song and video. “Give Great Thanks,” an atypical love song describing the pleasures of submitting yourself to objectification, is a distorted and deconstructed 80’s-pop-influenced ballad written by Dorian Electra with production from Socialchairumru and Clarence Clarity. The track receives an equally distorted video directed by Weston Allen and Electra themselves that captures the song’s tone through shadowy, lo-fi footage and stark lighting.

At the top of the week, Dorian’s socials went dark. Reemerging only to tease out a trail of digital clues, that led followers to embark on a digital scavenger hunt that took place across the globe, interweaving between the digital and physical world, leading fans to the reveal of a new music video for “Give Great Thanks.”  Starring in the video is a darker and more vulnerable side of Dorian, dawning a heart shaped locket, ending a week of tantric build into the unveiling of a new era of Dorian Electra.

As a testament to Dorian Electra’s devotion to their fans, a heart-shaped lock necklace, originally revealed in the video for “Sorry Bro (I Love You)” and seen on Dorian in “Give Great Thanks,” is being offered in a limited quantity to fans HERE. Only 199 made, each lock is engraved with Dorian’s name and Dorian will be personally keeping the key to each lock pendant, all 199 of them, worn on a necklace they’ll wear near to their heart.
While in quarantine Dorian Electra has approached the creative process as a way to connect further with their community. Just last month they released the EP “Sorry Bro (I Love You) Remixes” which came to life after they made the stems for the original song public and open to reconstruction from fans and collaborators. The EP includes videos for the Lil Mariko & Full Tac remix, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN remix, Astra King remix, and Bronze Avery remix. All 65 submissions are also available on their SoundCloud HERE and the EP is available to buy HERE with all proceeds going to The Okra Project.

Earlier this Summer Dorian Electra was featured on the cover of Quazar Magazine and performed a live version of their latest single for Project Pride in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s Pride Alliance.

They featured on a remix of “gec 2 Ü” by 100 Gecs and performed at the duo’s Square Garden festival in Minecraft. Dorian Electra also appeared on Club Quarantine with Charli XCX and Club Cringe with Machine Girl, and made their debut on Boiler Room opening for Pussy Riot. Dorian Electra also joined Sega Bodega for his “Reestablishing Connection” covers project, in which the two sang a cover of Wheatus’  “Teenage Dirtbag.” To keep up to date with their work, follow Dorian Electra at


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