How to Start Blogging on Instagram in Six Steps

Instagram is the top image-based social media platform. Most people know it only that way. Surprisingly, Instagram makes a suitable blogging platform. Whether you blog about offers, home improvement, pet care, or any other topic, you can open an Instagram blog. 

The site attracts over one billion viewers every month. If you promote your blog well, most of these people will read your posts. As you are new to this, we will tell you how you can start an Instagram blog next. 

Steps to follow when starting an Instagram blog

  • Step 1: Create an Instagram account

The first thing to do is to open a new Instagram account for free. If you have a personal Instagram account, make a new one for your business. A unique username is necessary when creating an account. The account registration form also provides a bio area where you can type your contact details, website link, or other relevant URL links. Shorten your URL links with free online tools. 

  • Step 2: Choose your best niche

Choose the best blog niche to sound like an expert in your Instagram posts. All your Instagram posts will be about your favourite niche. This way, you can avoid confusing visitors. 

  • Step 3: Share your story

No one expects you to write like Shakespeare on Instagram. Web visitors prefer simple, flowing sentences. However, remove annoying grammar and spelling errors from your content. Consider narrating good stories in each post and creating attractive SEO titles. 

Instagram expects you to share your story in 2,200 characters, which results in a 550-word article. Add a letterboard image to draw the attention of people. It will be the focal point of your blog post, while other photos will help keep viewers engaged. 

Adding graphics with quotes to an inspirational blog makes sense too. Other types of content you should make are testimonials, videos, open-ended questions, sponsored posts, etc. 

  • Step 4: Have a second blog site or a publishing account

Blogging on Instagram is fine, but it is not sufficient. Your followers might be happy to know about your other online affairs. Hence, direct them to a WordPress blog or other site types you consistently run. 

Some people might want you to write for them if they like your work on the second site. Besides, you can continue blogging if they terminate your Instagram account. You can also introduce followers to a new niche. You can monetize your other blog with affiliate links and other clickable banners. 

  • Step 5: Add hashtags

Choose the most trending hashtags on Instagram and ensure they match your business. Also, study your followers’ interests and pick hashtags that could serve them. Remember to apply SEO techniques concerning hashtag usage. 

  • Step 6: Use the Instagram app for engagement

To attract followers, you must actively follow people. Do more than follow, including adding comments and tagging people in some posts. If you can give contests and other freebies, do it to grab visitors’ attention. Lastly, post consistently, or else people will forget about you and lose interest in your blog.

Final Word

You have every reason to open a new Instagram blog. As you have seen, the steps are easy to follow and implement. Once you create a blog, keep learning new ways to grow it. Check other Instagram blogs on your niche and learn from them.